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1988 04 16 Brighton UK 132.18 Aud 1st (TOGFIADO-BF-MrUMRK-flambay) ZTLS #352/714/910
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Joined: 2005-02-26
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Location: England
Post 2009-01-01 09:08   [Quote] 
Here we go early birds, are we sitting comfortably and are youre heads back on in the right direction...... Smile

The TOGFIADO tapes

OK folks here’s the deal. This is number 2 of 4 shows passed onto me for transferral , loving attention to detail, filling where necessary and eventual passing onto your own delicate and delighted ears….both of them……unless your Uncle Remus in which case you probably have 5.1 ears……lol.

The 4 shows provided consist of 3 Master tapes (one of which is a SBD) and a 1st generation tape ( on account of when the original Master was once lent in the eons of time, only a 1st generation copy was returned – lesson learnt by all methinks [that's this one]).

Details of each show here inc info/data info & fpt

Detailed correspondence has gone back and forth between not only but also:

flambay – SP – Unicrayon - Statusbaby & 1 or 2 others.

Precise instruction was given together with the obvious of course.

The show as you hear it here is provided as the best/with the supplied fills, available at this time.

The original-unfilled tape transferral has been kept here for any further/improved fills that may become available at a later time. Of course TOGFIADO will have them returned as soon as asked.

Here comes the thank you’s:
To Unicrayon for his dedication in pursuing these tapes and trusting me with the job of getting them to your ears. PS:…for an absolutely humoungus job on the SBD…as you now all have.
To Statusbaby again for his belief in me and passing them along for the job to be done.
To flambay our resident pitch expert (methinks he must have those Uncle Remus ears)…the correspondence between us was LARGE and I am in your debt flambay for that.
To TOGFIADO for passing on the tapes to Unicrayon and then to me-you. You have given me a ray of light into an otherwise somewhat difficult year.

Finally and most certainly not least, to my SP for without his invaluable aid the show as you hear it would not exist at all. This person as name suggests “SP” is my silent partner, and my gratitude for his help in this, and others too is unbounded.

So without further ado on with the show and yes but of course.


Frank Zappa
88 04 16
Brighton Conference Centre
Brighton UK

~~ 1st gen Aud source ~~

available tapes according FZshows:
1988 04 16 - Brighton Center, Brighton, UK
130 min, Aud, B+
Stinkfoot, Packard Goose Medley, Alien Orifice, Disco Boy, Teenage Wind, Bamboozled By Love, The Orange County Lumber Truck, When Yuppies Go To Hell, I Am The Walrus, Zoot Allures [TBBYNHIYL], When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain, Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, City Of Tiny Lights [incl. Scratch & Sniff, TRF], A Pound For A Brown [parts on When Yuppies Go To Hell, MAJNH], Sharleena, Texas Motel Medley, Stairway To Heaven, Bolero

This copy: 132.18 min, Aud 1st, A

Lineage: Aud > cassette (TDK AD 1st gen) > Walkman Pro WM3 > A/D Technics RS673 [az-adj]~Dolby out/Bias low/EQ 120us/EQ out/bias nominal/output 8~MAudio USB > SF8 vol adj only >flac > Soundforge 9: speed correction, tracking, patching fill source material > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (806 MB)

Taped by: TOGFIADO
Transferred by: MrUMRK
Transfer eng assist: SP
Edited: MrUMRK, flambay

Fills taken from alternate source: BengoFury seed (EZT/Old Zappateers tracker):
"Zappa 1988-04-16 Brighton UK (ZTLS148)"
Lineage: Aud>cassette (1st gen)>wav (CEP, track splitting)>flac (Frontend with SBE correction) > Soundforge 9: extracting filler material, speed correction (partially), patching with main source
Taped by: n/a
Transfered by: BengoFury
editing, patching: flambay

The 1988 Band:
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals
Paul Carman - alto sax
Walt Fowler - trumpet
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Mike Keneally - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ed Mann - percussion
Robert Martin - keyboards, vocals
Kurt McGettrick - baritone sax
Scott Thunes - bass
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ike Willis - guitar, vocals
Albert Wing - tenor sax


00 Crowd Noise~Tuning [2:07] °°° BF source fill {0:00-0:30}
01 Stinkfoot [6:17]
02 Packard Goose medley [7:28]
03 Alien Orifice [4:18]
04 Disco Boy [3:09]
05 Teenage Wind [2:40]
06 Bamboozled By Love [5:11]
07 The Orange County Lumber Truck medley [9:59]
08 When Yuppies Go To Hell [5:50]
09 I Am The Walrus [3:58] °°° tf/BF source patch {1:30-3:00} °°° cuts at end


10 Preamble to 2nd set [1:06] °°° cuts in
11 Zoot Allures [TBBYNHIYL] [8:11]
12 When The Lie's So Big [3:46]
13 Planet Of the Baritone Women [3:15]
14 Any Kind Of Pain [5:46]
15 Jesus Think's You're A Jerk [7:29]
16 City Of Tiny Lights [incl. Scratch & Sniff, TRF] [8:01]
17 Pound For A Brown [parts on When Yuppies Go To Hell, MAJNH] [10:18]
°°° switching to BF source for rest of show at 9:10
18 Sharleena [8:11]


19 Texas Motel medley [9:56]
20 Stairway To Heaven [8:55]
21 Bolero [6:15]

Total time 132.18 min

Unpatched TOGFIADO source tracks in separate subfolder (83 MB):

00 Crowd Noise~Tuning (unpatched) [1:37] °°° fades in
09 I Am The Walrus (unpatched) [2:44] °°° tf/cut at 1:31
17 Pound For A Brown (unpatched) [9:14] °°° cuts off

tf = tapeflip

FILLS and Missing tracks from 880416 Brighton UK 133m25 Aud (BF)

thanks to TOGFIADO for this tape.
thanks to SP for invaluable assistance on tape transferral
thanks to BengoFury for the fills as per his previous seed (Old Zappateers tracker)
thanks to flambay for whose ears we would all be in trouble without
thanks to unicrayon and status baby for supplying tape
As always thanks to the zappateers for entrusting me with the transferral of this tape

final notes for reference:
080618....transferral date

Sound adjustments: (NOTE: always minimal)
sd 1 lgst peak: 8.541/10.863 adj 7.54/9.10
sd 2 lgst peak: 4.737/6.602 adj 3.70/5.60


; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on November 18, 2008, at 12:11 am

880416-Brighton UK - 00 Crowd Noise~Tuning.flac:3abfb4f5fd14b378a31c706c94a4bae1
880416-Brighton UK - 01 Stink Foot.flac:fce6c4abc285c8f3a4e4e4a4a4167898
880416-Brighton UK - 02 Packard Goose.flac:7ed59ccdd185c2ee22c0d20d59c70141
880416-Brighton UK - 03 Alien Orifice.flac:db52e0b4f914e508cdb9735e70761f6d
880416-Brighton UK - 04 Disco Boy.flac:2db71d56858991d99a31ad195cf5db2b
880416-Brighton UK - 05 Teenage Wind.flac:7b03c4ba8c0a2b5bcf2be6a286e6bf35
880416-Brighton UK - 06 Bamboozled By Love.flac:89c5759d54642658362bd44dca5d1a28
880416-Brighton UK - 07 OCLT Medley.flac:fb88ad7cc4ce478315f81be2ca0665cc
880416-Brighton UK - 08 When Yuppies Go To Hell.flac:212a80b591744a0aa13de1005fbda040
880416-Brighton UK - 09 I'm The Walrus.flac:b06d03a7984c7240e31cf21ae6cc6eca
880416-Brighton UK - 10 Preamble to 2nd set.flac:41a1da12aaf270f8d87bcf3e32c70c1d
880416-Brighton UK - 11 Zoot Allures.flac:11c4020b92a359ec23cfaab6be9221b5
880416-Brighton UK - 12 When The Lie's So Big.flac:7cef858a9e6740def4d33a8fe2a4d27d
880416-Brighton UK - 13 Planet Of The Baritone Women.flac:badb489348d577a9ff167ebe810be490
880416-Brighton UK - 14 Any Kind Of Pain.flac:a4b6508d2d9750efa03defb3cc5e7141
880416-Brighton UK - 15 Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk.flac:36d642af2bb0c52caf8d1fdffac524ad
880416-Brighton UK - 16 City Of Tiny Lites.flac:c5f240ba5719a66c6b3f52a1acc22bd2
880416-Brighton UK - 17 Pound For A Brown.flac:a72d18b2e647b6b4c67c316decd7890e
880416-Brighton UK - 18 Sharleena.flac:86d6aa1b39a2508e5c7da2e886c10b8c
880416-Brighton UK - 19 Texas Motel Medley.flac:c332215343734e13a3320c07787ff015
880416-Brighton UK - 20 Stairway To Heaven.flac:b185ad77d78da0626585f3a52a838a74
880416-Brighton UK - 21 Bolero.flac:9a49b11f32846656bd84f21c0bf89e01

There you go for number 2.........who said "Brighton Rocks" did

Thank you


                                                                                                                                                      a n d


cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler cooler

PS: watch this space tomorrow.

Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2009-01-01 09:18   [Quote] 
Happy new year~^^
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Joined: 2005-08-13
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Post 2009-01-01 09:24   [Quote] 
Big thanks to everyone involved! This is one of the few '88 shows that I never upgraded or found a known gen version of.
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Joined: 2007-10-02
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Post 2009-01-01 09:34   [Quote] 
Great start to 2009. Smile Thanks to everyone involved!
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Power Poster
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Post 2009-01-01 09:35   [Quote] 
Many Thanks to everyone involved - I was there and this will beat my old tape.

My New Year is now officially very Happy


Is that Bob without the "B"?
Nope - It's Ob with everything in it!
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Site Admin
Joined: 2005-03-18
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Post 2009-01-01 09:42   [Quote] 
Always nice to have a new 88 source surface and on the 1st is even better Smile

Thanks G
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Joined: 2005-08-10
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Post 2009-01-01 11:59   [Quote] 
Fantastic! Many thanks!
2009 - what a year!!!
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Site Admin
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Post 2009-01-01 12:04   [Quote] 
setting high standards at day one of this year, oh boy what are we in for next? WE RULE!

...and after this deadly review hits the paper...
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Joined: 2005-06-16
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Post 2009-01-01 12:13   [Quote] 
Thank you this one, bye to youknowwho. Thank you and a Happy Early New Year from a frozen Northeast USA.

You guys rock!
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Joined: 2005-06-21
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Post 2009-01-01 13:47   [Quote] 
Since few here participate in the samples, I'll ask here. We have four first generation copies of this one. How many do you want? Regulars, please chime in from time to time so we can get a feel for what collectors want. I myself want all known taper sources. And in this case all four are B+ or better copies. Deciding which is the best in most cases is subjective. Again I myself in most cases want all the versions.
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Joined: 2005-02-26
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Post 2009-01-01 14:47   [Quote] 
actually folks....I omitted the additional notes explaining the sample/fill part of these 4 shows.

this 1 and 1 more to come are the only ones that have been sampled...a while ago admittedly, then I was adviced that for several reasons including the attainment of these tapes themselves, that sampling would not be necessary.

Of course a gr8 deal of correspondence has gone on for these shows, with particular interest in the preceding one ...aka the Stockholm SBD......but there you Drew said, lets have them all anyway.

So keep your eyes peeled tomorrow and well be moving right along now......lolol

Actually clearing the decks here is now becoming a priority so there is going to be quite a lot ....sorry about your bandwidth folks.........but time waits for no-one.


Do what you want,do what you will,DON'T mess up your neighbours thrill.....Music is the best.
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Post 2009-01-01 14:55   [Quote] 
happy new year everybody.....and specially for the "responsibles" of this stuff......

the crux of the biscuit is the ´
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Joined: 2006-12-31
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Post 2009-01-01 17:46   [Quote] 
Oh, for crying out loud! This is too much!

More! More! More!

Many LARGE thanks to MrUMRK, flambay, Unicrayon, Statusbaby, TOGFIADO & 1 or 2 others for this. You (second person plural) are outta sight!

Happy New Year!

I like the interjection from the audience member about 2:51 in to "Stinkfoot". "I just scored a bit o' hash. If you got some skins we can skin one up!"

This is really a nice sounding recording.

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Post 2009-01-01 17:54   [Quote] 
I like the interjection from the audience member about 2:51 in to "Stinkfoot". "I just scored a bit o' hash. If you got some skins we can skin one up!"

It isn't an audience member. It's one of the tour staff (don't want to be too specific). As Michael Caine might say, "not a lot of people know that".
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Stucco Holmes
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Post 2009-01-01 18:59   [Quote] 
Oh my! You guys are too much!
Happy New Year and thanks to all the hard work you all do!
A nice bunch of new stuff to start the New Year!

"It must be just what they all need"
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