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1981 09 29 (E) Santa Cruz CA 87.00 Aud MC (musigny23-flambay)  
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Post 2008-11-24 11:50   [Quote] 
Frank Zappa
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, California
Early Show
Semptember 29th 1981

~~ from alternate Master Tape > DAT source (Musigny23) ~~

As noted by the taper himself (see bottom of this post) - much less difference in sound here between this and grner1's Masters than with the Late show.
Anyhow, still worth having this very good sounding alternate version up here, along with the already seeded ones. Very enjoyable listening to !

available tapes according FZshows:
1981 09 29 - Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA
Early show

90 min, Aud, A-/B+
Chunga's Revenge, You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Dumb All Over, Heavenly Bank Account, Suicide Chump, Jumbo Go Away, Envelopes, We're Turning Again, Alien Orifice, Teenage Prostitute, Flakes, Broken Hearts Are For Assholes, Tinsel Town Rebellion, Yo' Mama, Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Strictly Genteel

This copy: 87.00, Aud MC, A-

Source: Master audience cassette (Maxell UD-XL IIS 90s)

2 Nakamichi 300 mics. > SONY TC-D5m (Dolby B encoding) Maxell UD-XL IIS 90s
> (playback:) Nakamichi Dragon(Dolby B decoded) > Panasonic 3700 or 3800 DAT
> (capture:) Panasonic 3800 > TC Electronics Konnect8(firewire interface) >
Intel Mac OS X 10.4.11 (PEAK 6) > Xact
> Soundforge 9: speed correction, tracking, patching fills from alternate MC source, downsampling to 44.1 kHz > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (484 MB)

Taped By: musigny23
Transferred By: musigny23
Edited By: flambay

Fills from alternate source: grner1 Master (87.18 min, Aud MC, A-/B+)
seeded here by Zappa Penguin <>

Lineage: ElectroVoice RE10 microphones > Dolby B Maxell UDXLI (normal bias) tapes > Sony TCD5 cassette master > Nakamichi Dragon > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > FLAC files (level 8 ) created with xACT with sector boundaries verified > ZP > .FLAC Frontend (decoded to .WAV) > WAVMerge (files merged) > WaveLab (speed corrected per flambay) > GoldWave (clicks removed @ 1000 tolerance) > CDWAV (files split, saved as .FLAC level 8 ) > foobar2000 (tags + ReplayGain)
> Soundforge 9: extracting patches, resampling to 48 kHz, merging with main source

Taped by: grner1
Transferred by: grner1
Speed corrected by: flambay
Edited by: Zappa Penguin, flambay (patching fills)

Line Up: FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman,
Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin.

Set list:

01 Chunga's Revenge 5:37 grner1 MC version fill {0:00-0:13}
02 You Are What You Is 3:56
03 Mudd Club 2:55
04 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:12
05 Dumb All Over 6:03
06 Heavenly Bank Account 4:06
07 Suicide Chump 5:32
08 Jumbo Go Away 4:06
09 Envelopes 3:15
10 We're Turning Again 5:57
11 Alien Orifice 5:19 tf/grner1 MC version fill {2:29-2:38}
12 Teenage Prostitute 2:30
13 Flakes 5:12
14 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes 4:01
15 Tinseltown Rebellion 4:10
16 Yo Mama 8:29
17 Joe's Garage 2:28
18 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 3:13
19 Strictly Genteel 6:48

total time (patched version) 87.00 min

Unpatched tracks in separate subfolder (61,3 MB):
01 Chunga's Revenge (unpatched) 5:33 cuts in
11 Alien Orifice (unpatched) 5:13 tf/cut at 2:29

total time (musigny23 source only) 86.50 min

musigny23 notes:

(Facing stage) Recorded from left side bleacher seats above side entrance
using the railing to mount the mics in open and rock stable position.

Left speaker stack experiences partial(?) failure at 1:45:37.20
Show concludes with blown speakers Note buzzy vocals at the end of "Torture"

Early Show
Recorded from center of main floor in folding chairs, sitting with Grner1
I was using Nakamichi CM 300's, He was using Electrovoice RE-10's
For the late show I moved, to separate ourselves so we wouldn't both get
caught taping together and risk getting nothing. Also I was feeling like crowd noise was a problem and
handholding the mics was maybe insufficient for good sound because to be safe they had to be kept low.

More details around this version/source posted here.

thanks to musigny23 for taping and for sharing this version
thanks to Drew51 for hosting the raw file
thanks to grner1 for the additional material (patches) as per ZP's seed

Enjoy !!!

-- musigny23 & flambay


alternate versions seeded previously:
Drew51 1st gen:
grner1 MC:

810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 01 Chunga's Revenge.flac:dea749155134b19a992db2b09839bb5f
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 02 You Are What You Is.flac:8a96c2144d6d6ad1475298f98757dbf8
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 03 Mudd Club.flac:6a1ba2fb652e0ff14ee2d59414ca1027
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 04 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing.flac:aeeb4104beeb0492063aeac96bfd68ef
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 05 Dumb All Over.flac:cce9f1cf9ad0cebeed29cc892440a6bb
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 06 Heavenly Bank Account.flac:c28599a71af3dd39be4d59cea030c33d
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 07 Suicide Chump.flac:70e385198751370d62f6203b9d3e38ca
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 08 Jumbo Go Away.flac:5f03ec7177b03e6e76f10cbb3c21b598
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 09 Envelopes.flac:3d8337aebf686ea3ab0cc8a632d452a8
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 10 We're Turning Again.flac:9aa560e1930f952478977cb7ea36d74d
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 11 Alien Orifice.flac:b6e4f04309d9c972af286c1ff228db73
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 12 Teenage Prostitute.flac:f11e6d1cda33fd1d8ffe2d30c0ab3cdc
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 13 Flakes.flac:08b6123a663434aa3542e12c92851379
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 14 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes.flac:1f030ed414094e847c0c55d64feb52e7
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 15 Tinseltown Rebellion.flac:b5bc18df56ae94d4dd35556ea20f0528
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 16 Yo Mama.flac:b4e1360119d6ce416835985bdee40792
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 17 Joe's Garage.flac:b17aaccd5b2e40388ea48da4707b52be
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 18 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.flac:6a72aeded619100f4a14c2c82249502e
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 19 Strictly Genteel.flac:1b27b243d88c85519ac232aa8e221076

810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 01 Chunga's Revenge (unpatched).flac:b81d839d38f6d8de611c55d75cddf4c0
810929E-Sta.Cruz (musigny23 MC) - 11 Alien Orifice (unpatched).flac:45f81a5e97da0e51dc7c5462576a5efc
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Post 2008-11-24 12:15   [Quote] 
Again thanks for another beauty!
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Post 2008-11-24 12:17   [Quote] 
Merci C !
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Post 2008-11-24 13:12   [Quote] 
thank you
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Post 2008-11-24 15:11   [Quote] 
Thanks always!~ ^^
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Post 2008-11-24 15:23   [Quote] 
Thanks again ! Smile
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Post 2008-11-25 03:34   [Quote] 
Guitar Solo Al          band          Guitar Solo Baz
                    musigny23 high5 flambay          

music014                                                                                                                                                                                                         dazzler1 Zappateers! dazzler1
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Post 2008-11-25 04:25   [Quote] 
Nice work on this. Thanks for taking the time to fix it up. I'm glad to finally see it available for open free sharing. Since I had this, my own master, and for what you might understand as obvious reasons, I didn't really ever seriously compare this with Grner1's version. I personally preferred the Nak 300s to the EV RE-10s, so, I'm curious as to what any of you guys think about whether you prefer this recording or the Grner1 recording. We were sitting together and so were getting essentially the same sound.
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Post 2008-11-27 14:26   [Quote] 
I'm not sure which version I like more. I'm leaning towards the Grner1 example. This has a little excessive bass on my system. The Gner1 early was his best recording. On the late show I like your version, but the Ron Covall version is excellent also. Both of these are better then the Grner1 version. This is from memory, i didn't pull out the other versions. I know before this I liked the Gner1 early and the Covall late, which is a super nice recording. But so is your late show. i would have to pull the Covall version out to decide.
So as far as your masters versus Grner1 masters, it's a split decision.
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Zappa Penguin
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Post 2008-11-28 08:44   [Quote] 
1981 09 29 Santa Cruz, CA
Early show - Aud 90min B+ Smile
on the tracker:
* 1981 09 29 (E) Santa Cruz CA 87.18 Aud MC (grner1-fl-ZP) - seeded 2007-10-30
* 1981 09 29 (E) Santa Cruz CA 88.01 Aud 1st (Drew51-flambay) - seeded 2007-11-04

AV's gonna have to invent a "Very Happy" icon for shows like this Very Happy Wish Zappa played here more often - Santa Cruz tapers arrived in spades Right on, man!
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Post 2008-11-28 09:53   [Quote] 
Dank U sinterklaas! party2 Reverend

'Some of you might think this is weird . . .
No wonder . . . it's not exactly normal, but what the fuck?'
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Post 2008-11-28 23:40   [Quote] 
Excellent! Thanks for the sharing your tape musigny23. Haven't compared completely yet, but it is nice nonetheless. tunes

Kind regards,
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Post 2008-12-22 12:06   [Quote] 
Many thanks. It's always nice to have an alternative Smile
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Post 2009-01-10 20:18   [Quote] 
cheers prost

i've been to santa cruz a few times so now i'm gonna check out the theatre on google earth
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Post 2012-11-14 19:15   [Quote] 
Thanks a lot!
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