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Another video question - 1983 broadcast of "Dump All Over"?  
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Post 2008-10-23 04:18   [Quote] 
Okay, doing some more newspaper searching here -

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Chillicothe, Missouri) for August 1, 1983, has a tv listing for 7pm, Channel 41 - "Frank Zappa:Dump All Over".

Can't seem to locate anything about this, it seems to have been about an hour long, and of course, I suspect it should be "Dumb" not "Dump", though I rather like Dump, to be honest.

Any thoughts?

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Post 2008-10-23 04:26   [Quote] 
Halloween '81 <>.

Either that or a dramatization of Sturgeon's Law.
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Post 2008-10-23 04:48   [Quote] 
Dumb All Over was unique in that it had the only video version of City Of Tiny Lights. I think this was included in the Torture DVD release as bonus footage. Otherwise the rest was yet another compilation of the Halloween 81 videos. LBS Video released Dumb All Over for TV broadcast only. For consumer you could buy The Torture Never Stops, and You Are What You Is.
Then we had the original MTV full broadcast, and edited broadcast a year later in 82. The first cable simucast, so we have an FM version of broadcast. In 82 once again it was simucast.
I'm sure on the web somewhere is more exact detailed info.
It would be nice to just get a release of both shows, in order of how played. I think this is planned for release in 2021. Smile
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Post 2008-11-30 00:31   [Quote] 
This post goes off on a bit of a tangent - but it is sort of relevant....

Dump All Over was the vinyl boot of NYC on on 1st Nov 1981 according to the Patio:

On the cover of the LP it actually states the date as 10/31/81

United Mutations states that DAO was a reissue of Halloween - see here

It may be an edit of it - but it was certainly not from the same plates.
Note the matrix number here:
and here
and here:

The Halloween matrix is stamped - the DAO matrix is hand-scribed. Halloween states on the back Also available on video (but it also says Made in Switzerland which given the profesional stamper matrix we know is not true).


Dieter Jackob's authoratative 'You Can't Do That On Bootz Anymore' states that Halloween is 31-Oct-81 Early Show and suggests that Dump All Over is a compilation from 31-Oct and 1st -Nov shows.

So given all of that information here is my speculative conclusion. Halloween was obviously made in Germany as the professional stamper matrixes show, and I would guess is taken from the original MTV broadcast. But I think that Dump all Over is a US release - firstly because of the date format on the front cover mm/dd/yy - as far as I am aware only the US use this date format - the rest of the world uses the dd/mm/yy format, and secondly because of the mispelt word Dutsch - which could mean to be Dutch or (more likely given the matrixes on the Halloween release) Deutsch (German).

The DAO bootleg matrix explicitly states 1983 - the matrix is FZ-1983-2-A and FZ-1983-2-B respectively. Therefore - my guess is that the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune TV listing (remember that?) for 1-Aug-83 of "Frank Zappa:Dump All Over" is in fact the original source for the Dump All Over boot - and I guess that the show listing of Dump is not a missprint, or if it were, then it has been deliberately maintained by the bootleggers.

That's my theory anyway, and even if it's all rubbish I've enjoyed postulating it Exclamation

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